Happy New Year Quotes in Malayalam 2019

By | December 9, 2018

Most people speak Malayalam in the Kerala state of South India. Apart from that, there are a lot of Malayalam speakers in the middle-east and many other parts of the world. It is a vibrant language, and many speakers like to communicate using it. On this new year, if you have Malayalam friends, you can try using new year quotes in Malayalam to wish them. You can find many quotes in the language, and it will be beneficial for you to greet them in this way.

People who know Malayalam can tell you that there can be many types of emotions associated with a new year. If you want to wish new year 2019 to your friends and colleagues, you can find many themes. Similarly, if you’re going to use it for your personal friends or relatives, you will come across many types of choices for the same. We look here at some of them to understand different selections.

  • Try to send a simple quote – A simple happy new year quote in Malayalam can go a long way to ensure that you have immense love for it and people will also understand the same. Greetings with a touch of mother tongue will always help to build up a relationship and even though you may not know it, a new year quote can bring in the desired effects. Anyone who knows the language will get the feeling that you want to wish them in their mother tongue and that can feel pleasurable. There are many types of simple new year quotes that can go a long way in enhancing your bond and you will also get a nice feeling from them.
  • Club the season together and send a quote – A new year comes within days after Christmas, and people also celebrate it with pomp in the south Indian state. People have an affinity for the festival, and most people celebrate it with joy. So, why not club both of them together and select a message that works for everyone? This way, people will feel a deep connection with you, and at the same time, it can create some good companions. You will also start renewing a bond with some people whom you value in your life. There are many such messages which you can easily select and send to all the people.
  • Try a little bit of humor – Some behaviorists say – ‘laughter is the best medicine.’ On the new year’s eve, this can be very much true. You can get many types of new year quotes in the Malayalam language that add a flavor of humor so that people enjoy them. A new year’s quote is all about making people comfortable and gleaming. A funny message will always help to fill everyone with nice laughter, and the whole festive environment will lit up. Your friends and well-wishers will instantly connect with you and stay glued on for more from your end. They will be mesmerized by your message.
  • You can also wish your family – If people in your family understand the language, it can be a lovely way to greet your family in Malayalam on this happy new year 2019. They will appreciate your emotion very well and may even compliment you in your mother tongue! It can feel very pleasurable, and you all can have a nice time.

Malayalam new year quotes are very much abundant online as well as offline. Depending on suitability, you can send the best ones to everyone who knows the language.

Happy New Year Quotes in Malayalam 2019

Ormakalude Chillayil Sneha
Pookalumayi Manasil Chekkeriya Ente Priya
Varanirikuna Vasanth Kalathinte Kulirumayi New Year Ashamsakal.

Ennumennum nanmakal mathram nirayatte.
Oro dinangalum santhosha poornamakatte
Ennu prarthikunnu.
Puthuvalsara Aasamsakal !!

Manassilundavatte gramathin
Vishudhiyum manavum
Mamathayaum ithiri konnappoovum.
Happy New Year.

Thammil Naam Kanunnillenkilum;
Oru Vaakku dunnillenkilum;
Akale Aanenkilum;
Manasukondu Njan nodoppam Undakum.
Happy New year !!

Thalle Puthuvarsham varunund kettaa!!
Ini nammalayittu wish cheythillennu venda!
Dey Appi Oru polappan “Happy New Year”
poyi polappanayittu adichu polikkade.!

kan niraye
kani kanan
vishu varavayi
“HAPPY New Year”

Puthiya dinam,
Puthiya varsham,
Puthiya thudakkam,
Puthiya pratheekshakal,
Ee 2019 sarva aishwaryangalum
Niranjathaakatte !!
Wish you a very Happy New Year

Oru puthuvarsham koodi pirannu,
samadhanathinteyum santhoshathinteyum
Dinangalkkayi namukku prarthikkam.
Puthuvalsarasamsakal !!

Konnapoovinte drishya charuthayum vishu pakshiyude madura sangeethavumayi veendum oru vishukalam koodi….. Happy New Year

Eee masam koodi kazhinjal njan pokum,
ini varilla;
Ennennekkumayi yathra parayunnu;
Avasanamayi onnu chodichotte Ishtamayirunno enne?
othiri Snehathode.
swantham 2019

Innalakalile Nashtangale Patti Orkkathirikkam,
Shubha Pretheekshakalode
Nalla Nalekkayi Kathirikkam.
PuthuValsara Aasamsakal.

Orila pole kozhinju veena 2018.
Oru poo pole mottittu viriyan pokunna 2019
Nalloru poovinayi kaathirikku !!
Happy new year.!

Santhoshathinteyum samridhiyudeyum kanikkonna pookkunna malayalikalude swantham vishu…. I wish u and ur family a happy New Year….

Happy New Year
Happy New Year