Happy New Year Quotes 2019

By | December 9, 2018

New Year 2019 is knocking at the door. It will bring happiness and reason for rejoicing for people all over the world. Individuals will wish their near and dear ones on New Year. They will prepare happy New Year quotes and share them with others on new year or in advance. In earlier times New Year quotes and wishes were written on card or letter and posted to people all over the world. However, with the improvement in technology different platforms have come up where one can post their message or send them to their friends and family members. On platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google Plus, etc. people can upload images, photos, and messages in different forms.

1. New Year Quotes in English

The English language is accessible in numerous countries. People from different background, religion, caste, creed, and language most often use the English language to communicate. During New Year individuals prepare New Year quotes in English and share them with their friends and family. Messages and wishes that are created for official reasons are made using the English language in most countries. Thus New Year quotes in English had been used in the past and are till now equally famous and used language to prepare quotes for the New Year.

2. New Year Quotes in Hindi

New Year quotes in any particular languages are created and wrote by people who have this as their mother tongue. Hindi is the national language of India is used by millions of people. Hence people share New Year quotes in Hindi with their near and dear ones. There are many other countries apart from India where the Hindi language is used. People speaking Hindi are spread across the world, and when they receive New Year quotes or messages in Hind, they are pleased and happy. Some famous writers and poets write single quotes in Hindi. The New Year quotes in Hindi are at times funny. Such quotes are mostly shared with friends, siblings, younger members in the family and similar individuals.

3. Happy New Year Quotes in Kannada

People who have their origin in Karnataka speak and understand the Kannada language. They are very workaholic people, but on New Year they take a break and celebrate the day with their family and friends. They bring out time from their daily work schedule to create New Year quotes in Kannada before the New Year arrives. They share their wishes with their friends, colleagues, and relatives either in advance or on New Year day

4. New Year Quotes in Malayalam Language

New Year quotes in the Malayalam Language are mostly used by people who have Malayalam as their mother tongue. They prepare New Year quotes in Malayalam which are very soothing to the ears. The messages are meaningful and sweet at the same time.

5. New Year Quotes in Marathi

What the growing popularity of the New Year cites in Marathi can be noticed in various places all across India and other countries. New Year quotes in Marathi are no longer confined to the state of Maharashtra in India. The Marathi language is lovely and the quotes created are equally beautiful.

6. New Year Quotes in Urdu language

New Year quotes in Urdu are attractive, and there are several countries especially in South Asia where Urdu is regularly used. Thus on New Year, they share New Year quotes in the Urdu language with their friends and family.

7. Special New Year Quotes for Boyfriend

The relationship between a boyfriend and his girlfriend is extraordinary. There is a sweet bonding between them. Women create romantic New Year quotes for boyfriend of different forms. Some of them develop cards while others create gifs, or posters or animations or any other type of videos. They send these to their boyfriends on New Year.

8. New Year Quotes for Best Friends

Best friends are always very close to the heart. New year quotes for best friends convey this feeling. People create funny or attractive or heart touching New Year messages and wishes for their best friends. A message from the best friend brings a smile to an individual’s face.

9. New Year Quotes for Brother

The relationship between a brother and a sister as well as the relation between the two brothers is one of the purest relations in the world. Brothers are very close to the heart. Individuals create different varieties of New Year quotes for brothers; for example, it can be funny or meaningful.

10. New Year Quotes for Couples

New Year quotes for couples in most cases are romantic. Couples share a sweet and pure bonding among themselves thus they prepare unique items to surprise their partner on New Year.

11. New Year Quotes for Employees

New Year quotes for employees must be formal. Sending New Year messages strengthens the bond between the employees and the company. The staffs and employees work with dedication throughout the year and feel happy about being recognized on this special occasion.

12. New Year Quotes for Friends

People remember their friends on New Year. They wish for their betterment and success in every field in the New Year. Thus people create New Year quotes for friends and send them those wishes on New Year.

13. Best New Year Quotes for Friends

One can find the best New Year quotes for friends online on different sites. The quotes are helpful for people who stay extremely busy in their daily life. They can visit these sites and download these messages and quotes and use them as New Year wishes. Some of them make some additional changes and modifications as per their requirement, desire, and taste.

14. Famous New Year Quotes for Family

New Year time is family time. People celebrate New Year with their friends and family. However, it is not possible to visit every family member on the New Year day thus individuals prepare New Year quotes for family and send them those messages on New Year or in advance.

15. New Year Quotes for Girlfriend

Their respective boyfriends prepare new Year quotes for a girlfriend. Individuals want to share the first day of the New Year with their closest friend. They share romantic quotes and collect different ideas for creating the best quotes and wishes for the New Year. The internet is flooded with ideas and instant quotes for New Year, Professional and famous writers write these quotes for people so that they can collect these messages and modify them if required and finally send them to their girlfriend.

16. New Year Inspirational Quotes

New Year brings along with it new hope in the mind of people. They dream of succeeding in every field in the New Year. Thus New Year inspirational quotes are often sent by individuals to their near and dear ones so that they have great luck and can overcome every failure in the year ahead. People wish for the healthy life of their friends and relatives.

17. New Year Quotes for Lovers

New Year quotes for lovers represent the bond that they share. These quotes are generally romantic. Lovers think of creative ideas and apply their skills to create New Year quotes and messages. They put in great efforts to prepare their wishes and share them with their beloved partner. Their partner appreciates their efforts. Their love for each other reflects in their wishes and gifts. The lovers reciprocate their wishes and grandly celebrate the New Year.

18. New Year Quotes for Sister

New Year quotes for a sister can be of any type. It can differ according to the age of any person’s sister. Often individuals design funny quotes for their younger sister whereas inspirational quotes for elder sisters and various other quotes with unique thoughts. The bonding between siblings is very strong, and they can do the toughest of things for each other. Thus after all the daily hardships in like individuals take out some time to create New Year wishes for their sisters.

19. New Year Quotes for Teachers

Teachers offer shape to the life of every human being. Thus they deserve some thankful gestures on some special occasions like New Year, Christmas and other days. New Year quotes for teachers can be of different types like inspirational, thoughtful. They can be colorful and bright. This will increase the zeal in them, and they will put in more effort when their efforts and hard work are appreciated.


Any language does not bind New Year quotes and wishes. They can be created in any language and shared with friends and family as long as the other person understands that particular language. New Year is a special occasion celebrated with joy and happiness by people all over the world. People from every region join hands to welcome another new calendar year. It is the time to forget past failures and dream of achieving new heights.

Happy New Year
Happy New Year