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Wilujeng taun énggal 2019 tanda petik

Wishing a very Happy New Year 2019 to you and your family. We have come up with best collection of happy new year 2019 quotes for you so that you can share these with your friends, kulawarga, cousins, neighbors on Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms. New year is best time to be joyful and grateful… Read More »

Happy New Year Quotes 2019

Taun énggal 2019 ieu knocking di panto. It will bring happiness and reason for rejoicing for people all over the world. Individuals will wish their near and dear ones on New Year. They will prepare happy New Year quotes and share them with others on new year or in advance. In earlier times New… Read More »

Happy New Year Quotes in Urdu 2019

Urdu is a grandeur language as every word of it is well-heeled and plush. Even a simple greeting in this language can turn on a person, and he can feel considerably warm. You can certainly use it with some new year quotes in Urdu so that people can understand. Some famous Urdu poets and writers… Read More »

Happy New Year Relationship Quotes 2019

A new year is a period when people usually spend time with family, friends, and well-wishers. There can be no other time in the year when people will feel so endowed as the new year. Mangkana, it is the perfect time to greet and congratulate people whom you know. You can do this in many… Read More »

Happy New Year Quotes in Marathi 2019

Marathi is a language that people primarily speak in the Indian state of Maharashtra. People write Marathi same as Hindi as it also follows the Devanagari script and therefore words in both of them are quite similar. In Mumbai, which is also the commercial capital of India, many people use the language abundantly as their… Read More »

Happy New Year Quotes in Malayalam 2019

Most people speak Malayalam in the Kerala state of South India. Apart from that, there are a lot of Malayalam speakers in the middle-east and many other parts of the world. It is a vibrant language, and many speakers like to communicate using it. Dina taun anyar ieu, if you have Malayalam friends, you can… Read More »

Happy New Year Quotes in Kannada 2019

Kannada is the authentic language of Karnataka state in India. It is the mother tongue to at least more than 60 million people and many more understand it worldwide. kituna, it is a much-spoken language, and people have a deep connect with it. You can select new year quotes in Kannada in 2019 and send… Read More »

Happy New Year Quotes in Hindi Language 2019

Hindi is spoken all across India and parts of South-Eastern Asia. It is the mother tongue of at least a few billion people across the globe. Dina taun anyar ieu, you can send new year quotes in Hindi that can create an instant bonding with friends and well-wishers who speak the language. There are many… Read More »